Direct Lineage from Immigration

The following provides direct lineage from select ancestor’s immigration to the United States of America.  This post is designed to provide basic readily available (via the internet) information.  For more available information on the families histories, see Bø, Burk, Harvala, Sakrison, and Touivinen Histories, respectively; the Salmen history is unknown, albiet short in this context.   Individual’s and families surnames evolved over the decades — discussion about Family Namesmay be presented in a different post. Where sir-names appear to have changed the original preceeds a slash ‘/’ followed by the last.   It was attempted to provide the given name and include the used name enclosed in ‘ ‘s; childhood nicknames are generally excluded.

Direct lineage from immigration.

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Christopher Casey Boe was born in Rapid City, South Dakota (SD); the youngest of five (5) sibling (see ‘Nuclear Family & Decedents‘).  Chris is primarily a fourth (4th) generation Finnish-Norwegian American & (Xth) generation primarily Scotch-Irish American  (see the illustration entitled Lineage) — not including the earliest immigrant’s generation.  The Øye family was additionally documented to have descended from Welch, Wales.  There have been hints that the family may also have some German, Irish, & Swedish bloodlines.  Chris’ parent were Bryce Franklin and Bernice ‘Willo’  (Sacrison) Boe. Bryce was born in Newell, SD during 1954. Bryce was the fifth of ten (10) siblings. Willo was born the only child; in Buffalo, SD during 1954. At the time this was posted, all of the above were alive. Chris presently lives in Deadwood, SD and Bryce F. and Willo reside in Omaha, NE.

Bø Lineage

Portrait of a Modern Day Viking -- Bryce F. Bøe

Bryce F.’s father was Rudolph Lewis Theodore Boe who was also born in Newel, SD during 1961 and died in Yankton, SD during 1961. Rudolph was the only child. Rudolph married Opal Mary (Boe) Burk who was born (birthplace unknown) during 1904 and died during 1954.   For more on Opal’s lineage, see the Section entitled ‘Burk Lineage’ below.  The state of South Dakota registered Rudolph and Opal’s civil union during 1924.  Rudolph and Opal are buried in Newel at the Wilson Cemetery  (cem.)

Note: Available known links to burial records are attached to individuals dates of death.

Rudolph’s parents were Lasse ‘Lewis’Bø/Boe and Raghild (Mjelde) Boe.  Lewis was born in the vicinity of Prairie du Chein, Wisconsin during 1865.  Lewis died in and burried at the Wilson cem. in Newel, SD during 1941.  Lewis married Ragnihld Mjeld who was born in the vicinity of Lærdal near Bergan, Norway during 1863.  Ragnihld was the last known relative to have imigrated from Norway, which was during 1902.  Ragnild died in Newel, SD during 1951.  Lewis and Ragnhild are burried together at the Wilson cem. in Newel.

Lewis was born the youngest of nine (9) siblings to Lasse Anderson (Øye) Bø and Mari  Anderson Oldstatter L. Bø both the first known imigrants from Norway which I am a direct decendent — they immegrated together with thier children during 1946. Lasse was born during 1815 in Ardal/Tyinholmen, Norway.   Mary was born during 1817 in Bergan, Norway.   Lasse and Mary were married in the Stave church in Borgund, Norway.   As was custom, Lasse took the sir-name of the farm which he and Mari, became part owners. The Øye farm was locate west of Lærdal near Bergan, Norway.  There are three (3)  known remaining Bø named  farms in the vicinity of the Øye farm.  Granted after so much time the actual farm may have changed ownership, and no effort has been made to tie them to the B genealogy.  These farms are located in the following Norge regions — the location of Lærdal  is also presented  (click on the links below for additional information on these farms):

Norge Regions

Norge Regions

  1. Rogaland,
  2. Oppland,
  3. Sogn og Fjordane.
  4.  Lærdal (Øye farm vicinity, also in Sogn og Fjordane).
Using online language translators, Bø  translates to: ‘dwell, estate, live, property, or room‘ and Øye translates to “end“, “eye” eye or orb.”

Lasse died during 1865 shortly before Lewis was born in Crawford Co. WI.  As he drowned under the ice of the Mississippi while crossing to Lansing, IA,  no burial records, if any, are known. Mari died in Newell, SD, during 1902 and was buried at the Wilson cem.

Burk  Lineage

Opal (Burk) Boe was born on June 6, 1904.  Records indicate that her parents were Walter Burk (2/21/1883-?) and Rosa (Girt) Burk whom were recorded as married during April 1908 after having X Burk children since 18XX; as such, it is currently unknown if she was shockingly born out of wedlock or by a prior marriage by Walter (I don’t know if they even had adoptions during that era)…   Anyway surmising that Walter was the biological father, the lineage proceeds as follows.  Walter was born on 2/21/1883 as a decendent of Edmond Burk (10/2/1853-?) whom married Laura (Brittain) Burk on 5/4/1879.  Edmond was the son of John Burk (1814-1878) whom married Mary (Kigfer) Burk.   John Burk was the son of George Burk  (1814-1879) who married Ann Gray (Stoops) Burk (10/1/1795-?).  The Stoops were reported to be of German & Scotch-Irish Decent.  George Burk was the son of  John Burk ( – ) and Mary Porter ( – ).   John was the son of Thomas ( – ) and Clara Burk.  Thomas was the son of  James Burk ( – ) and Mary Jane (Bane) Burk ( – ).   This James Burk immigrated to the America before 1706 from Limerick or Ulster, Ireland.  It appears that his father ____ also immigrated around the same time, however was not recorded in his marriage licence.  This Mary Burk’s parents were Mordecai Bane ( – ) & Naomi (Smedley) Burk ( – ) whom were married in PA during 1705.   Mordecai, born in Inverness-Shire, Scottand was an  original immigrant.  It is unknown if Naomi was was an immigrant or recent generation. Her maiden name is listed both as Smedely and Medley; however, quaker church in the area and anassociated marriage licence only list ‘Smedley.’

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Andrew Lewis

Note:  Micheal Boe suggested, “So here is the guy who managed to capture the Hearts of all the Boes…by giving a son the Middle name Lewis.” :   I don’t know if that’s true, but it makes for a good story & the history of the Burk’s interactions appear to lend credence — however, the generations that passed in the interim tend to make the interpretation suspect. [emai, Febr. 2012].  Micheal generously provided most of or access to the links to information on the Burk family lineage.


The Other Scandinavians

Chris’ mother’s parents were John ‘Axel’ and Lillian Irene (Haivala) Sacrison.

Sakrison Lineage

Axel’s was the __ of __ siblings of Johan ‘John’ Sakrison/Sacrison and Maria ‘Mary’ (Rasaaka) Sacrison.   John was born in 1964 in __, Finland.  He immigrated to the United States of America during 187_.   The state of South Dakota record a civil union during ___, in __ Dakota Territory with  Maria who was born in ___, Finland and immigrated during ___.  John died in 1926 and was burried at the Cave Hills Lutheran cem. in the Cave Hills near Bufflo, SD.  Maria died in 1921 in Snoma (presently Fruitdale), SD.

For more information, see the sections on the Extended Bø Lineage & other posts accessed via the Family page.

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