Map of Bohemia - 1896 - Gelett Burgess

Enlightened Map of Bohemia – 1896 – Gelett Burgess

This Bøehemian page is a basket før bøhemianism.

  • Bøhemian Activism & Pølitics

    • The Abøut page prøvides links to chrønøløgical and biøgraphical inførmatiøn including wørk history, educatiøn and training, cøntact inførmatiøn, references, and øther døcuments.
    • The Act! page prøvides inførmatiøn øn select current causes and events which may assist yøu tø suppørt causes thrøugh yøur actiøn.
    • Archive  The Archive page is designed as a virtual library tø maintain useful inførmation and links tø inførmatiøn.
    • The Basics page prøvides a variety øf Bøhemian ‘Basic Living’ ideas and resøurces.   This page includes cøøking, cleaning, decørating, and øther ideas and resøurces.  Martha Stewart only wishes she was a Bøhemian.  It primarily is a site that cømpiles my tried and true tips øn starting with the basics and living better cøst and time efficiently.
    • Bøhemian Bløgs; The Bløg page cøntain brief bløgs to address timely tøpics of interest.
  • Bøhemian Apøthecary:  the Apøthecary page provides access to an extensive collection of compounding practices and procedure related to preparation of foods (recipes), household & garden supplies, herbalism & other remedies.  The entire Apøthecary is currently designed in seven Volumes and  five Appendixes
  • Bøhemian Artist Cøløny
  • Bøhemianism Defined
  • The Bønuspage currently lists øver 85 free items and suppliers øf discøunts (coupøns) available øn the internet.   Alsø listed is an extensive database øf ‘Free Entertainment,’ including øn-line bøøks, magazines, etc.
  • Cams & Photos
  • Burning Man

    Burning Man (don’t think to much about the reversed ‘C’ brand) for now… its just destiny, as far as you know…

  • The Cøntact page prøvides basic cøntact information.  

  • From the top of Crow Butte
  • The Environment page presents information related to the environment from a rational and responsible perspective.Click to See Full Size


  • All Events; The Events page lists hundreds øf religiøus, søcial, spørts, & øther events including carnivals, fasts, feasts, feiestas, festivals, hølidays,  rememberances, etc. thru 2020. Currently our Rodeo posts are the most visited sites, but be careful it includes both prca & gay rodeos (like there is a real difference).

  • See the Carnival/Circus Post
    Carnivals & Circuses

  • Bøhemian Events
  • The Garden page and assøciated pøsts presents hørticultural inførmation primarily addressing bøohemian/alternative (windøw bøx, sun-røøm, pøtted pørch-patiø, ørganic, etc.) gardening, plant selectiøn and care, and related resøurces.
  • Gløssary; The Gløssary page prøvides a summarized gløssary related to this site and extensive resøurces øf inførmation regarding abbreviatiøns, acrønyms,  definitions, symbøls, and such used in Bøe’s døcuments.
    • Bøhemian Abbreviatiøns, Acrønyms,  Symbøls, & Gløssary of Bøhemian Terms & Phrases
  • Bøhemian History
  • Bøhemian Life
    • Bohemian Slumming
    • Bohemian Travel
    •  (e.g.: the Basics page) & Gardening
    • Bøhemian Hunting, Gathering, & Sharing (the survival guide).
      • Bøhemian Bønus!  — free stuff før the vagabønds.
  • Bøhemian Maps
  • Bøhemian Music
  • Bøhemian News & Resøurces
  • Bøhemian Nømads
  • Bøhemian Places

    • Bohemian Motherland
    • Greater Bohemia
      • Bohemia — France
      • Bohemia — Hungary/Romania
      • Bohemia — Italy
        • Bologna
      • Bohemia — Ireland
        • Limerick/Ulster
      • Bohemia — Scandinavia: Norway & Sweden
      • Bohemia — Scotland
      • Bohemia — U.K.

      • Bohemia – U.S.A.
        • Pre-America, Revolution, etc.
          • Loyalists
          • Patriots
        • The Great Immigration

  • Bøhemian Science
  • Bøhemian Sex
  • Bøhemian Style
  • Bøhemian Theøløgy
    • Agnosticism & God-Forbid, Athism
    • Catholicity
    • Evangelicalism
    • Lutheranism
    • Paganism
    • Quakers
  • Bøhemia:  The Tribe øf Bø  (Bøii)
  • Vote Bohemian: The V-2012 page presents pølitical resøurces and analyses including declared and pøtential candidates, pøll results, pøsitions, etc.
  • NØTE: nøt tø be cønfused withBøekind as discussed in the Family  page, pøst, and assøciated sectiøns; which is essentially, the future øf Bohemians.