This ‘Scripts’ page is designed tø alløw limited access tø cømpleted scripts, screenplays & other projects in the wørks.

Prøjects include:

Deadwøød (Black Hills) -- Pre Dakøta Territøry -- 1876

  • The Deadwøød Prøject:  Deadwøød Dick (Expløre the Rush).
  • DemønFire
  • Visiøns øf Sin
  • Bøuganvillia Ranch
  • The Last
  • Bøy’s Tøwn
  • The Eye, the Ørb, & the Bøii
  • Black & White Lies
  • New Projects:  Not Currently Available.

    • Bohemians, the
    • Last time I died, the
    • Goat Cheese
    • Rodeo, my
    • Silent war, the 
    • Spring Creek, on.    (Limited Access)

Bøhemian Theater

Children’s Theater:

  • Peter Pan Prøject (P3)

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