About envirønmental 

 is an environmental consulting firm currently located in Deadwood, SD and serves the midwest region and central states.   provides a variety of environmental and geological services.  For more information about e‘s professional services, see:  Geo.  That site also provides access to a wide variety of geo-spatially oriented materials, organizational resources, and other support documents for the  wide range of services which fall under the organization.

History of Boe PG 

Representative Projects

The Envirønment pøst will address envirønmental issues frøm primarily a respønsible and social perspective, and frøm experience and expertice.

  • Envirønmental Actiøn
  • Envirønmental  Issues
  • Envirønmental  Pølitics & Pølicy
    • Environmental Protection Agencies -Federal & State
  • Envirønmental  Ørganizatiøns
  • Envirønmental Services
  • Envirønmental  Qualificatiøns

Tøpics addressed include:

  • Air Quality
  • Energy
  • Evolution
  • Gløbal Warming
  • Grøundwater Resøurces
  • Water Quality

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